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Introducing Brokers Affiliate Program

Introducing Brokers Affiliate Program provides clients with long-term and stable cooperation plans. Both individuals and corporate clients can have the opportunity to continuously gain income from the trading activities of their introducing clients.


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SKY ALLIANCE MARKETS provides the best rebate to our IB as we value the business you are bringing to us With our strong brand reputation, award-winning customer service, transparent reporting.and excellent IB infrastructure, SKY ALLIANCE MARKETS is you BEST partner

Become an IB of SKY ALLLANCE MARKETS immediately and start barming the higher rebates!

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Program Now

Personal account manager

Become a client of our company, you will have your own personal account manager, who will give you professional advice and assists you in developing your business with us

Professional free marketing tools

The company will provide promotional materials elaborately produced by marketing and design experts, which can help you to have higher market competitiveness.

Detailed and free statistics

The company provides a comprehensive IB portal to help you view every important statistical data, which can be used to optimize and develop your business at any time.

Reliable System Auto Rebate

The company helps you achieve cash freedom by paying daily rebates with no waiting period.

Excellent multilingual client handover

24-hour (working day) and multilingual customer services

Marketing expert

With our assistance, no matter which partner program you choose, you can achieve more efficient customer conversion.

Introducing Brokers Affiliate Program

Obtain stable income by referring customers in the IB program. You can get rewards by introducing more clients. The company provides exquisite event designs and detailed statistics to help you better track and serve clients.

System Auto Rebate
Account manager
Specific Data Report
Unlimited Rebate
Detailed Reports
Pay on time daily

SKY ALLIANCE MARKETS Account Affiliate Status

SKY ALLIANCE MARKETS ECN Account Affiliate Status, Including Silver, Gold And Platinum. 

Sliver Account

Affiliate Status

Business Generated Low  Referrer
Traded Volume* 0 - 99 lots 
Funded Accounts* 0 -10
Net  Deposit* 0 – 20,000
Rebate per lot (USD) Maximum Rebate minus $2

Gold Account

Affiliate Status 

Business Generated Medium Referrer
Traded Volume* 99 – 499 lots
Funded Accounts* 10 – 49
Net  Deposit* 20,000 – 99,999 
Rebate per lot (USD) Maximum Rebate minus $1

Platinum Account

Affiliate Status

Business Generated High  Referrer
Traded Volume* 500 +
Funded Accounts* 50 +
Net  Deposit* 100,000 +
Rebate per lot (USD) Maximum Rebate minus $0

How It Works

Traded Volume:Client’s total traded Volume 
Funded Accounts:Client’s total traded Volume 
Net Deposit:Deposits – Withdrawals

Upgrading Affiliate status needs to meet the qualification of the status, this can be done by using different categories (Traded Volume, Funded Accounts or Net deposit).

Affiliate status upgrade can be leapfrog promotion.

IB’s qualification will be reviewed and Affiliate Status will be adjusted on the first business day of each month.


If client want to sign an IB agreement with our Standard rebate 25 group, client will need to first fill the Maximum rebate of $23 in the Rebate Schedule to get into our Sliver Status ($25-$2 per lot).

When client meet one of the Qualification of Gold/Platinum Status, client can upgrade to the Gold/Platinum Status ($25-$1/$0 per lot) on the first business day of next month.




Minimum Deposit

< 35ms

Execution Speed


Deposit Fee


Quick Started

Trade Varieties Flexibly with Zero Commission 

Discover and expand your portfolio with various of Forex, Commodities, Indices, Futures, and Cryptos.



Risk Statement


Client can download our product disclosure statement on our legal documents page or ask for it from any of our representatives.


Forex trading is full of risk and opportunities. Before clients start trading , seeking independent financial advices is strongly recommended. Clients must aware that Forex Trading is not suitable for everyone. The potential risk may lead to a loss that exceed your initial deposit during the trading.


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