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What are Precious Metals

Precious metals, such as gold and silver are the oldest currency in the world and trading them on the market is one of the most common and easiest processes. With Sky Alliance Markets, trading a commodity such as precious metals has never been easier.

You can trade metals such as gold, silver, copper and platinum all from the comfort of your home and without physical owning the metals.

Why Trade Precious Metals
  • Metals are seen as the safe haven for wealthy investors when the markets are fluctuating and volatile
  • Metals are rare and take energy.
  • Resources to mine and are used in industries around the world.
  • They're a desirable resource for both traders and industries that use them in manufacturing.
  • Trading metals can help stabilise our portfolio and see good gains through the worlds oldest currency.
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Precious Metal
Trading Symbol Contract Size Minimum Tradable Lot Maximum Opening Lot Leverage Stop Out Level Trading Hour (GMT+3)
XAU/USD 100 0.01 80 Up to 1:400 30% Monday 01:01-Friday 23:55
XPT/USD 100 0.01 80 Up to 1:400 30% Monday 01:01-Friday 23:55
XAG/USD 1000 0.01 80 Up to 1:400 30% Monday 01:01-Friday 23:55
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Funding Methods

We offer a wide range of funding methods giving you flexibility of funding at any time.