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Multi Account Manager Solution (MAM/PAMM)
Forex Trading offers high performance multi account manager solutions that can be customized to your trading needs. We have teamed up with MetaFX to create our superior MAM console. With our MAMs, the administrative side is taken care of by us leaving you to excel in your trade management.
What is MAM / PAMM ?
  • Unlimited trading accounts.
  • STP on master account for bulk order execution, with instant allocation to sub accounts.
  • Three allocation methods - Lot - Percentage - Equity
  • Trades - Full, Mini & Micro Lot accounts for best allocation advantage.
  • Partial close of orders by Master account execution
  • Full SL, TP & Pending order functionality
  • Allows Expert Advisor (EA) trading of managed accounts from clientside.
  • Live order management monitoring within MAM including P&L.
  • All trading styles allowed including hedging and scalping.
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Why Trade Forex?

If you're a professional money manager then you understand the importance of partnering with a trusted forex broker to oversee the executions on your actions. With a proven track record of working with MAM/PAMM account manager on our world class infrastructure and trading conditions, Sky Alliance Markets are an obvious choice.

The Sky Alliance Markets MAM solution has been carefully tested to deliver stability, flexibility and speed of execution to all professional account managers. The number of professional traders using our platform to trade is a testament to the reputation that Sky Alliance Markets has built in the money management space.

Make an intelligent choice and choose Sky Alliance Markets for your Multi Account Manager Solution.

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Funding Methods

We offer a wide range of funding methods giving you flexibility of funding at any time.